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Onemata Partners with Truthset in their Quarterly Data Quality Truthscore Release

By voluntarily submitting data sets for third-party evaluation, Onemata is contributing to the overall standardization of consumer data accuracy measurement

DENVER, CO, February 2, 2020 -- Onemata Corporation is pleased to announce its partnership with Truthset, an independent data quality organization. This unique partnership between data provider and objective quality measurer sets a precedent for standard quality measures for consumer data. Onemata participated for the first time in the Q4 2020 Quarterly Data Quality Truthscore Release and will continue to participate each quarter in 2021. By participating in this revolutionary data quality measurement, Onemata is contributing to Truthset’s “wisdom of the crowd” approach by adding to the diverse data assets and proprietary Truthscores™ that are assigned to consumer record-level data. Truthset is an independent data quality measurement and analytics company that provides data partners with their Data Quality Truthscore Release, assessing the quality of record level data on a quarterly basis. Truthset also works with marketers, publishers, and data buyers on Analyzing, Improving, and Measuring the data they are working with for a variety of use cases. “With the data industry being a bit of the Wild West, we’ve made data quality, compliance and transparency a focus for our business,” says Will Smith, CEO of Onemata. “Objective scores of data sources -- like what Truthset is doing -- is the only way we’re going to reign in the data industry and enforce commitments to quality. At Onemata, we’ve been holding ourselves to a higher standard since day 1 and work relentlessly to ensure the quality of our data for all clients.” According to Forrester’s study on “Why Marketers Can't Ignore Data Quality,” 21 cents of every media dollar spent by marketers is wasted due to poor data quality. The low standard that data providers have set for decades has made it extremely difficult for businesses, especially marketers, to have trust in data. By acknowledging quality disparities across providers and working to narrow the margin of inaccuracy, the level of confidence businesses can have in data providers that are Truthset partners, such as Onemata, would be tremendous. “Truthset’s mission is to not only provide data partners with their quarterly accuracy scores and rankings, but also to give them the insights and tools they need to improve and continue to be measured to monitor the changes they undertake. Onemata is a great example of a data company that has strengths they want to make known, while learning how they can improve other areas for their clients,” said Truthset CEO Scott McKinley. About Onemata Founded in 2017, Onemata is trusted by people and businesses as their data and analytics partner for their derivative product development, marketing, sales, and recruitment teams. The company works from a privacy and regulatory compliance first framework and is building the world’s most comprehensive graph of people, locations and online behavior. With a focus on data transparency and quality, Onemata is dedicated to help businesses of all sizes cross the data divide. About Truthset Founded in 2019, Truthset is a data intelligence company focused exclusively on validating the accuracy of consumer data. The company helps brands build trust in data and improve the performance of any data-driven decision. Truthset does not sell data and is not a data broker; it compiles a likelihood of truth for any individual record that can be used to validate the accuracy of data and power more accurate consumer interactions. To learn more about Truthset, visit

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