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Experian Joins Truthset Data Collective

Truthset is excited to announce that Experian will join the Data Collective. The collaborative group now consists of more than 20 leading data providers that are utilizing the Truthset platform to verify accuracy, quality and reliability of consumer marketing and identity data.

By joining the Data Collective, Experian is able to evaluate its marketing data versus industry benchmarks, enhance the accuracy of its marketing data assets and provide clients with validated insights to optimize data-driven campaigns against business outcomes.

Adding Experian is the latest development for the Data Collective, which Truthset launched in December 2022 with 20 partner companies. We want to provide an agnostic, independent platform for companies to share and benchmark the accuracy of their marketing data to help fuel the most informed business decisions. As data-driven marketing has grown increasingly crucial for brands, the Data Collective serves as a multi-sourced arbiter to standardize demographic accuracy for audience targeting.

"Experian already has a reputation for delivering trusted marketing data and insights, and by joining the Data Collective, they only reaffirm their commitment to quality,” said Scott McKinley, CEO of Truthset. "We are thrilled to welcome them to the Data Collective and to work together to advance the marketing industry’s standards for data accuracy.”

Read more about Experian and the Data Collective via our press release.

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