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An Industry In Flux Should Be Grounded in Truth

Truthset Inside provides the new multi-sourced, accurate standardization of demographics and IDs for universal audience measurement, targeting, and planning. 

Whether you're building the next generation measurement offering, optimizing the data signals/audiences for your client’s campaigns, or purchasing third-party data to enrich your clean room offering, you need an accurate foundation to stand on solid ground. 

Measure Audiences Using the Most Accurate Data Available


Power consistent measurement for all stakeholders

Provide an innovative solution to an industry-wide measurement problem, freeing up your time to innovate and increase your market share

Maintain data privacy 

Secure access via clean room (e.g. Snowflake), S3 or SFTP file transfer

Underscore Credibility

Ensure your clients have access to the most accurate, multi-sourced demographic measurement

Panel Level Accuracy At Census Scale

Truthset Inside provides the most accurate, scaled consumer data file in the US


  • First-ever objective accuracy scores for record-level consumer data

  • Multi-sourced from 20 leading data providers; 

  • Containing Truthscores™ for 25 demos on 850m+ digital IDs 

  • Seamless integration with in-house offerings or measurement company solutions

HEM table.png


TSI Table for Measurement

Easy To Implement

Match exposure data, ad server logs, outcomes, and more to the Truthset Data Table

No tagging or cumbersome setup required


In-house offering, or integrated into measurement company solution

Measurement is universal, participatory, and deployable industry-wide.

“Data quality is very important to Hershey. We value the Truthset approach to transparency, accountability and quality when selecting our addressable media investments and measuring their performance.”

- Amy Good, Director, Integrated Media, Hershey

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