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Standard Quality Control Certification A


When accurate data = stronger performance, data buyers want to know which companies they can trust to deliver better results for any data-driven use case.


About the Truthset Badge

When a supplier has the Truthset Validation badge, it means that they have been carefully vetted and scored for data accuracy by Truthset. It also means that they are devoted to data quality and improvement to give you peace of mind and confidence that you are getting what you pay for when you make important and expensive data buying decisions.

Look for the Truthset Badge!


Truthset’s Badge Program enables buyers to quickly identify providers that are committed to data quality and transparency.

Truthset offers a variety of data accuracy scoring, including:

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Truthset Quarterly Demographic Badges- denotes data providers that have been scored for accuracy across a number of key demo targets including age, gender, household income, presence of children, and more.

Truthset ANA AIMM Multicultural Badges - denotes data providers that have participated in Truthset and the ANA’s quarterly AIMM data quality assessment to ensure stronger accuracy and representation of multicultural audiences in the data supply ecosystem.


Our data partners and their clients know that data quality matters. They use Truthset to measure and improve the accuracy of their data and give buyers an independent assessment of data quality with independent Truthscores.

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Standard Quality Control Certification A

“Data quality is very important to Hershey, We value the Truthset approach to transparency, accountability and quality when selecting our addressable media investments and measuring their performance.”

- Amy Good,
Director, Integrated Media at 
The Hershey Company


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Become a Data Partner!

Get a Truthscore Badge to prove to buyers that your data has been independently validated and scored for accuracy. 

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