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Better data drives better performance

Truthset has scored the world’s data, so you can  build highly accurate targeting segments at census scale. Marketers can implement Truthset Inside across their 1p or 3p data to independently verify their data quality and drive more effective usage. Advertisers can also buy "Truthset Scored" segments anywhere they buy data in the programmatic ecosystem.

Benefits for Marketers and Agencies


Choose "Truthset Scored" segments to maximize accuracy within programmatic marketplaces

Use and meet industry standard definitions of demographics aligned to the new era of measurement technology

Easily eliminate wasted impressions on inaccurate audiences

Use unprecedented, verified audience data to optimize campaign delivery and maximize the reach of every dollar spent



TSI Table for Targeting

Use Truthset Inside to Improve Your Data

  • Implement our data table and immediately begin building verified audiences based on accuracy scores

  • Match our massive data spine to your 1P or 3P to activate improved segments across your marketing needs

“Data quality is very important to Hershey. We value the Truthset approach to transparency, accountability and quality when selecting our addressable media investments and measuring their performance.”

- Amy Good, Director, Integrated Media, Hershey


Data Quality Made Actionable

Buy Truthset Scored segments, syndicated with quality data providers, wherever you buy advertising programmatically.

Start Using More Accurate Data Now

It's easy to get started using data quality to improve campaign performance and make sure you get what you paid for when using audience segments. Contact us to get started. 

Thanks for your inquiry. We will respond as soon as possible.

Hear it straight from a Marketer:
Truthset hosted Kevin Dean (COO, Infutor) and Rebekah Kennedy (Dir, Consumer Data Strategy, Heineken) to hear about their views of the cookieless world ahead and how data accuracy is continuing to be a critical focus for them now and in the future. Learn about tactical actions they are already taking TODAY.

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