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Now you can improve the precision and profitability of data-driven marketing

39% of gender targeting budget is misspent.

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The Truthset Data Collective

A group of data providers uniting to help the marketing industry transact on data with the highest degree of accuracy and quality possible.

The collective leverages independent validation from Truthset at scale to solve the multi-billion dollar data accuracy problem, while ensuring differentiation and actionability for participating data providers.


What is
The Data

Driving Data Governance With 

96% census coverage in the U.S.

First-ever objective accuracy scores for record-level consumer data

Multi-sourced from 20 leading data providers

Truthscores™ for 25 demos on 1B+ digital IDs

Interoperable across measurement and activation


Rely on a foundation of accurate data to build your measurement. Power your media measurement with the first, multi-sourced, objectively accurate service to standardize demographic accuracy.


Truthset Inside is privacy safe and easy to implement, Via your preferred measurement provider or for your own analytics (directly or in clean rooms).

Audience Targeting

Better data drives better performance.

Platforms and publishers can leverage the Truthset Inside data accuracy file to offer filtered, Truthscored versions of 1P and 3P audiences to buyers on your platform.

Marketers can also buy Truthset Scored segments from our trusted data partners anywhere they activate 3rd party data.

Data Providers

You have great data, but how do you prove it to buyers?

Truthset helps you understand the quality of your data - absolutely and relative to competitors - optimize your sourcing, and help you differentiate and win. Using Truthset Scored segments, you can easily offer your buyers the most accurate versions of your segments wherever you sell your data.

Who We Work With


News & Insights

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Winner of the I-COM Data Startup Challenge
Truthset was named the winner of the annual I-COM Data Startup Challenge. The awards showcase the top startups from around the world who leverage value from Smart Data Marketing as the central selling point of their product or services.

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Find out how to use Truthscores to measure the quality of data for any data-driven activity and dramatically improve performance.

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