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What data providers do you work with?

We can work with ANY 3rd party advertising data providers to analyze, improve, and measure their segments for you to use and activate. We partner with a number of providers each quarter, to build our Truthscores ™ using a Wisdom of the Crowds methodology that allows us to benefit from their combined information of audiences in the US. Those providers can be found here.

Where can I implement segments that Truthset improved?

The short answer is: anywhere you can buy or activate digital advertising programmatically. As Truthset’s technology is built on Hashed Emails (HEMs), these segments are compatible with most DSPs, publishers, and authenticated environments in the same fashion you would import your first party data.

As someone who uses data (marketer, publisher, data buyer), how do I get started?

It’s really simple to work with Truthset. To select and improve segments, all we need is direction from you on the available marketplace segments you are interested in. To measure the campaigns you’ve run, all we need is permission for your DSP to send log files to Truthset. There’s no tagging and no setup effort.

Where does Truthset get its data?

Truthset hasn’t created our own segments/audiences, but instead we work with data providers or a brand’s own data sets to assess the accuracy of their demographic assertions for each consumer record.

What do you mean by accuracy?

Truthset is looking at accuracy in terms of the demographic assertions or labels being put on each individual consumer’s record. For example, Jane Smith’s email record says that she is a female, 18-24, has a certain income level, is fully employed, owns a cat, and drives a luxury car. Truthset looks at each one of those individual attributes for Jane’s record to determine the probability of that label being correct for Jane.

What’s your methodology?

Truthset quantifies the likelihood that record-level consumer data, whether it be 1st, 2nd, or 3rd party, is accurate, yielding a Truthscore ™ between 0.00 and 1.00. Truthscores ™ are available for gender, age, ethnicity, presence of children, and 20+ other demo data attributes. Using these scores, the company helps improve the performance of any data-driven decision by removing unqualified IDs from any segment or targeting pool.
Truthset sources record-level consumer data from leading, large scale providers. Truthset validates each consumer record (keyed on hashed emails (HEMs)) against independent, directly sourced validation sets to score for overall accuracy of each data provider against predefined audience segments. Using HEMs makes the technology usable across the ecosystem, regardless of cookies, MAIDS, or other identity graph and resolution solutions. At a high level, Truthset assigns scores by cross-referencing assertions from many different data providers against highly truthful data assets of declared data (validation sets) such as research panels, first party collected data, etc. By building an understanding of which types of assertions from which providers tend to be correct or incorrect, Truthset can then assess the likelihood of a consumer having an attribute by understanding the credibility of the providers making that assertion. In that way, Truthset uses a wisdom-of-the-crowd approach weighted by the credibility of each member on each topic. For more detailed information about our methodology, you can read a review by Joel Rubinson here.

Do you do B2B data?

At this time, we are focused on consumer demographics but reach out if you’re interested in B2B and we can work together to understand your accuracy needs.

What do you do about multiple emails for one consumer?

Truthset creates scores of accuracy at the level of hashed emails. Once scores are created, Truthset integrates with identity partners to allow for assignment of scores to consumers.

If data partner scoring is not pay-to-play for the providers, then how does Truthset make money?

We monetize our data accuracy and measurement services by helping users/buyers of data (marketers, agencies, publishers, platforms) analyze, improve and measure the accuracy of any data set used for activation.

What platforms are you integrated into?

We integrate with any platform which can operate directly on Hashed Emails (HEMs) or HEM-compatible ID (RampID, UID2.0, etc).

Do I need to have 1P data to work with Truthset?

No. We work with all 3rd party data providers, so if you know the audience you want to target, we can verify those audiences and make sure they are accurate enough for your needs.

Who works with you - the marketer, the agency, the publisher, the platform, the data provider?

They all do! We work with marketers and agencies to help them reach their most accurate target audiences. We help publishers offer advertisers better access to accurate audiences as well as measurement to understand the accuracy of targeting already in place on their site. Activation Platforms and Marketplaces work with Truthset to curate premium offerings for their clients, while including Truthscores in their UIs, allowing for the balance of price, scale AND accuracy to return to data buying decision making. And we work with Data Partners, without money changing hands to maintain Truthset’s neutrality, to score their data. This gives Data Partners an opportunity to market themselves as a Data Partners who cares about data accuracy, and create and sell highly accurate segments at a premium. Truthset also helps Data Partners improve the segments that are not best in class by understanding the differences in accuracy across their sources, how their modeling/inferences are impacting accuracy, and how onboarding/identity resolution may be impacting the accuracy of their consumer records.

How does Truthset compare to other digital advertising measurement services?

Truthset’s measurement is the next generation of audience on-target performance. Not only can Truthset measure (without tags!) the on-target performance of age and gender, but also dozens of other important consumer demographic targets (Household income, Pet Ownership, Children in the Household, Multicultural audiences, etc.). Beyond the ability to measure more target audiences, Truthset can improve the data used BEFORE campaigns run to ensure that measurement is not simply a post-impression report that feels like a report card you cannot influence or improve upon.

How does Truthset select audiences?

We can analyze and select audiences based on scale, accuracy, cost and incrementality -- all around your specific targeting needs. We use Truthscores™ to assign a likelihood of a demographic attribute being correct and work with the advertiser to find the right threshold for accuracy to meet their scale needs.

Can Truthset filter or improve segments?

Yes! We filter audiences by eliminating inaccurate IDs for activation, leaving only those that meet an agreed upon criteria threshold for accuracy, depending on the needs of your campaign.

Can Truthset measure beyond age/gender?

Yes. Truthset measures campaigns for demographic delivery. Age, gender, ethnicity, income, kids, pets, and more with domain level granularity.

Can Truthset help me find multicultural segments?

For advertisers trying to reach multicultural audiences, we know they are often under-represented and less accurately determined by 3rd party data vendors. Using Truthset improved segments from 3rd parties, you can increase your On-Target-Percentage within a verified multicultural audience.

Is this consumer data?

Yes, Truthset is currently scoring consumer demographic data. We have built our systems to be capable of working against any type of data points (B2B, Purchase Based Segments, Health Conditions, Digital or CTV or Linear, etc.) and will continue, over time, to expand beyond consumer demographics. We felt it important to get these right first.