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TelevisaUnivision and Truthset Offer Validated Audiences: Why Would You Buy Any Other Kind?

This upfront season, TelevisaUnivision made a unique announcement in a spectacle known more for fancy musical acts and other distractions. TelevisaUnivision wanted the world to know that their Hispanic audiences are accurate and representative. To do this, they chose to work with an unbiased third party, Truthset, to validate their demographic data and ensure their advertisers and agency partners that they take data quality and transparency seriously. AdAge applauded these efforts in closing the gap of multicultural representation.

Data has changed the media business immeasurably, but for too long, sellers and buyers did not have a clear understanding of the accuracy of that data and no way to validate different players in the market. This is particularly useful in reaching multicultural audiences, where both inaccuracy and underrepresentation contribute to a lack of equality in representation.

TelevisaUnivision’s new approach is novel in an industry known for grading its own homework. By using Truthset’s standard for measuring data accuracy, they can offer buyers a chance to understand the Hispanic data they are using and be assured of its quality.

At their upfront presentation, Donna Speciale, TelevisaUnivision’s president of ad sales said “In fact through our partnership with Truthset, [we] learned that on average, today’s data sets are leaving out 4 in 10 Hispanics – and this is crazy – 70% of the supposed Hispanic impressions in campaigns are not delivered to Hispanics.”

We expect to see more platforms and content owners move towards this transparency and accuracy based model of selling their audiences. For media owners using Truthset’s service, they can offer their buyers an independent assessment of data for all demographic attributes. This change gives marketers and publishers clear standards to judge audience quality and then to use that increased accuracy to drive incremental performance. In short, Truthset’s service allows buyers to discern data accuracy at the record level and drive incremental performance.

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