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  • McKenna Sweazey

One Last Holiday Push With Infutor’s “Truthset Scored” Segments

The Only Accurate Segment Available for Presence of Children

Infutor and Truthset are excited to announce the release of Infutor’s “Truthset Scored” segments, available in LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace and other major programmatic platforms. These segments include Presence of Children, a first for “Truthset Scored” segments, not available from any other providers.

For marketers looking to quickly yet accurately drive Christmas ad spend, this hot off the shelf segment is almost a Christmas miracle!

Infutor and Truthset have teamed up to offer curated segments, selected for their accuracy, creating a new opportunity to accurately purchase consumer demographic data, at scale.

You can now easily find the most accurate segments just by searching “Truthset Scored” wherever you buy audiences.

Infutor’s “Truthset Scored” demographic segments also include combined age/gender, gender/marital status, and age/marital status segments. These new segments are unique, and not available from any other providers.

Accuracy Makes Data Better

Truthset scores datasets across critical demographic attributes and their quarterly assessments are independent, agnostic and transparent. Truthset compiles a likelihood of truth for any individual record, called a Truthscore™. This scoring can be used by marketers to analyze and improve targeting data, and measure their campaigns, before, during and after activation. Creating audiences based on these scores allows buyers to balance scale and price. And given their availability across all major buying platforms, like LiveRamp Data Marketplace, Adobe’s AAM and TubeMogul, Lotame, The Trade Desk, Xandr, AdSquare, Salesforce/Krux, etc., these “Truthset Scored” segments make it possible to improve accuracy without extra time investment.

A New Level of Performance

This partnership means data users get access to Infutor’s consumer audiences evaluated by Truthset via their enormous data accuracy asset of 850M+ consumer IDs, attributes, and the accuracy scores of each pair (Truthscores™), which includes data from more than 15 different partners. Truthset’s methodology uses large scale data providers and declared validation sets to analyze and compare demographic assertions about individuals to score accuracy at the attribute value and record level.

For more information on how to buy the most accurate 3rd party data, contact us.

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