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  • McKenna Sweazey

Can You Reach Spanish-Speakers Accurately?

What language people speak at home can be a compelling piece of information for marketers. And while we have looked at Hispanic segments before and found they did not have great accuracy rates, if you’re only looking for Spanish speaking people, you might have much better luck with your targeting.

The range of on target for Spanish-speaking audiences was 65% to 88%, with an average of 78%.

And understanding the language preferences of target markets is critical for marketers. A Facebook IQ study conducted by the Latinum Network showed that Latino customers don’t want English-to-Spanish translations in their digital ads. They want native Spanish messages that reflect their culture, delivered by native Spanish speakers.

On average US Hispanics surveyed who saw static ads for products in Spanish were 1.40x more likely to agree that they wanted to buy the products than those who saw the same ads in English.

So how do you avoid spending money on those records that aren’t in your target market? It’s simple! The easiest way to improve your targeting is to use Truthset Scored segments, available wherever you buy 3rd party segments, likeLiveRamp Data Marketplace,Adobe’s AAM,Lotame,The Trade Desk,Xandr,AdSquare,Salesforce/Krux, etc.

Truthset Scored segments only include the records that meet a threshold for accuracy, meaning we’ve removed the IDs least likely to be the purported attribute of the segment, in this example IDs of people who speak Spanish. This leaves only the more validated IDs for advertisers to run their impressions against.

If you have any questions about how you can improve the ROI of your marketing with independently validated audience segments, contact us.

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