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V12 Uses Truthset to Showcase Data Quality

V12 scores 1st or 2nd in 6 of 8 core consumer data attributes

V12, a leading provider of consumer and purchase intent insight, announced that it was ranked highest among consumer data vendors for gender and combined attributes of age and gender, by data intelligence company Truthset, in their initial release completed in May 2020. Founded by veterans from Nielsen, Salesforce, LiveRamp, and Procter & Gamble, Truthset helps all stakeholders in the marketing ecosystem measure the accuracy of consumer data to improve the performance of data-driven marketing activities.

Truthset assigns vendor’s attributes a Truthscore Index, which is a measure of a single provider’s overall data quality within a given attribute segment, relative to the entire cohort of data providers for the same segment. This intelligence arms marketers with knowledge by an independent third-party regarding the accuracy of consumer data sets available in the market.

“Quality data is where it all begins, and when a development partner like V12 leaps into being scored, Truthset cheers them on,” said Scott McKinley, CEO and Founder of Truthset. “It shows marketers that someone like V12 stands behind their data quality, is curious to learn about their own data, and believes in putting trust back into the ecosystem.”

Truthscore rankings for V12 include:

  • V12 has highly accurate age data, with a Truthscore™ Index showing 14% greater accuracy than other providers

  • Within the age attribute, V12 was particularly accurate in identifying consumers between the ages of 18-24, with a Truthscore™ Index of 135

  • V12 scored high in identifying household income, with a Truthscore™ Index of 121

According to Andy Frawley, CEO of V12, “We recently launched a major enhancement to our ConsumerPlus database, making it the biggest, deepest and most flexible dataset in the industry. We are extremely pleased to receive such high rankings on our consumer attributes and to partner with Truthset in the mission to increase data quality and transparency.”

“Engaging consumers with relevant and personalized experiences is more important than ever in order to thrive in today’s competitive environment,” said Anders Ekman, President of V12. “In order to effectively do this, marketers must establish a comprehensive and accurate customer profile based on high quality, data-driven insights. V12 is highly committed to providing brands with quality data they can trust as reflected by the high ranking we received from Truthset.”

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