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Truthset Launches Data Partner Badges Program

The entire advertising ecosystem - marketers, agencies, publishers, platforms, and data providers - can now look for Truthset’s Data Partner Badges as a signal of trust and data quality.

Truthset, the first company to measure the accuracy of record-level consumer data, today announced the launch of a Data Partner Badges program, designed to give marketers a clear and transparent way to see which data providers believe that data quality matters, and are eager to be scored by Truthset.

The Truthset Data Partner Badge makes it easy for data buyers to quickly evaluate where they can find the highest quality data to meet the requirements of any data-driven use case. The Truthset Badge also proves that the provider is in compliance with quarterly scoring to ensure that the scores are always up-to-date.

For marketing, brands, agencies, and publishers can analyze the accuracy of different 3rd party segments to determine the most accurate providers, and then improve campaign performance by filtering out IDs that do not qualify for the target audience prior to delivering an ad. Finally, Truthset allows a data buyer to measure the overall on-target percentage of a campaign delivery against the desired audience.

“Data quality is very important to Hershey,” said Amy Good, Director, Integrated Media at The Hershey’s Company. “We value the Truthset approach to transparency, accountability and quality when selecting our addressable media investments and measuring their performance.”

During Q4 2020, Acxiom, Throtle, Bridge, OneMata, V12, LB Digital, Ameribase, MediaSource, Webbula, Speedeon, Alliant, and Infutor participated in having their data scored for accuracy in a number of key attributes, including age, gender, age and gender, household income, presence of children, marital status, home ownership, being a renter, and others.

“In a competitive data market, having an independent arbiter of accuracy is critical to ensuring transparency and building trust between buyers and sellers,” said Kevin Dean, COO of Infutor. “Truthset’s Data Partner Badges program allows us to easily demonstrate that the data quality we are known for has been corroborated by a third-party.”

Truthset’s Data Partner Badges program allows data providers to stand out from the crowd as a source of data that is committed to continuous data accuracy improvements, allowing them to win more business via trust and transparency.

“Data accuracy isn’t just about getting scored and walking away with new insights, but also about transparency and being able to easily find the needles in the many, many haystacks out there,” said Scott McKinley, CEO and Founder of Truthset.
“For the advertising industry, Truthset is akin to a powerful magnet, locating only the right needles - or for data-driven marketing, only the most accurate targets. Our badge program takes it a step further by rewarding data providers who have stepped up to be scored.”

ABOUT TRUTHSET Founded in 2019, Truthset is a data intelligence company focused exclusively on validating the accuracy of consumer data. The company helps brands build trust in data and improve the performance of any data-driven decision. Truthset does not sell data and is not a data broker; it compiles a likelihood of truth for any individual record that can be used to validate the accuracy of data and power more accurate consumer interactions. To learn more about Truthset, visit

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