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  • McKenna Sweazey

Truthset Hires Chip Russo as CRO and President

Truthset has brought in Chip Russo as its new President and Chief Revenue Officer. Mr Russo is the former EVP of Partnerships at Zefr and previously held the position of SVP of Video at Collective Media, while currently being the Co-Founder of Brand Storytelling. Russo has spent over two decades in the Media and Entertainment space within Ad Tech, growing revenue from zero to $150m+ at multiple start-up companies.

Russo joins at a time of the advertising industry’s transformation away from sheer scale to greater precision and accuracy. Aside from overseeing Truthset’s sales and operations, he will help guide the launch of Truthset Inside, the multi-sourced, objective standard of demographics to improve audience targeting and measurement. Currently, the industry accepts and runs on inaccurate data, meaning spend is wasted, targeting is inefficient, while the foundational demographics varies in quality from service to service. Basic attributes like male vs. female are wrong up to 40% of the time, according to Truthset’s analysis.

Russo will report to Scott McKinley, CEO of Truthset. I am thrilled to have Chip join us to accelerate our mission to provide the first ever data accuracy service to the marketing industry. With Chip’s strategic leadership, we are looking to measure and improve the accuracy of audience data for brands, marketplaces, suppliers, and publishers.

“It’s an exciting time to be joining Truthset as we launch Truthset Inside and build a new, accuracy-based standard to power better measurement and targeting.” Russo said. "Having a source of accurate demographics that are consistent and standard for the entire ecosystem to use will be revolutionary. I am excited to join this team and build a future where all demographic data is built on a foundation of independently verified accuracy.”

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