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  • McKenna Sweazey

Truthscores Enable Stirista to Provide More Accurate, Relevant Cultural Data

Excellent data is built on great partnerships, thoughtful onboarding, technical excellence, AND transparent standards for evaluation. At Truthset, we are obsessed with data accuracy, and we love to see our clients take advantage of our proprietary scoring technology to evaluate and optimize their data sources. As our partnership evolves, we love to see providers like Stirista use our Truthset data in a new way to improve their business and better serve their marketing clients.

How? As part of their commitment to data accuracy, Stirista, a leading data provider for accurate demographic data, has been working with Truthset since 2020. Their segments have consistently ranked highly amongst the data provider cohort for different categories, like age and homeownership, according to their Truthscores™. Truthscores are an independent standard that allows all parties to understand the quality of consumer data files.

Stirista has consistently ranked highly for race and ethnicity segments, but they knew there was always room for improvement.

They tested two new race and ethnicity data sources and shared that information with Truthset. Truthset was able to assign accuracy scores to all of the HEMs in the data file, giving a picture of how accurate each source was for each dimension measured, namely Asian, Black, and Hispanic audiences. Because of the accuracy scores Truthset provided for the new potential data sources, Stirista selected which source to work with and created a better data set that is more accurate for different ethnicities.

As you can see in this graph, New Data Set 1 shows improvement over the Official Q3 results, increasing Black accuracy massively while also sending Asian and Hispanic in the positive direction.

New Data Set 2 performs better than Official Q3 results, but not as well as New Data Set 1 in Black and Asian, but holds accuracy levels for Hispanic records.

CONCLUSION: New Data Set 1 is a clear “winner” on both scale and accuracy.

By adding New Data Set 1 into their primary source, Stirista's Truthscores for those segments increased across the board in their next official quarterly measurement (Q4 2021).

“Before Truthset, we didn’t have an industry-accepted method of verifying the accuracy of our consumer data. We know that more accurate data performs better, and we aim to give our clients the best data in the ecosystem. By partnering with Truthset, we can be even more confident that these segments provide best-in-class targeting for race and ethnicity segments.” Blaine Britten, SVP, Data Solutions at Stirista.

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