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  • McKenna Sweazey

Need to Reach High Income Households?

Household income is a useful predictor of consumption habits and potential interest in a product. It’s no wonder that many data providers offer these segments across the advertising ecosystem. But just how easy is it to find High Household Income consumers?

The average OTP (On Target Percentage) for $100k+ segments from various sources was just 38%, with a range of 33% to 44%. That means, on average, you’re wasting 62 cents for every dollar you spend targeting high household income segments.

According to this data, if you’re looking for over $100k HHI segments, which should be about 34% of the US population, you’re going to be able to accurately reach only about 38% of them using the data that is readily available today. You are paying for 100 million individuals but reaching less than 40 million. Thankfully Truthset has a simple solution to make sure you get both the scale and accuracy you need. Just search for “Truthset Scored” segments in LiveRamp Data Marketplace, Adobe’s AAM and TubeMogul, Lotame, The Trade Desk, Xandr, AdSquare, Salesforce/Krux, and more, syndicated in partnership with quality data providers, anywhere you buy segments programmatically.

If you’re interested in learning about different ways Truthscores ™ can improve your advertising spend beyond programmatic activations, contact us.

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