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Looking for pet owners? These and more attributes scored for Q3!

We are always looking for new attributes we can score to make it as easy as possible for marketers to verify the accuracy of data they are buying and measure campaign performance beyond age and gender. We are excited to announce 7 new attributes we are adding to our offering as of Q3 2021.

Measured for the first time accurately and at scale are:

  • Pet Owner

  • Cat Owner

  • Dog Owner

  • Car Owner - has or does not have a car

  • Education - high school, college, graduate, vocational/technical/associates/some college, and less than high school

  • Employment - is or is not employed

  • DMA - currently the most granular geo attribute (we also have state, census division, census region)

Truthset is able to score and measure these and many other demographic attributes (age, gender, multicultural, etc…) in any marketplace where data is bought, across any data provider. Contact us to learn more.

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