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  • McKenna Sweazey

Karlsgate and Truthset Partner to Bring Accuracy Measurement to KIE

Great, you’ve done a match test, and the results have come back favorably. Given the high overlap rate, you and your partner now want to connect data assets to achieve your business requirements. But what about the data beyond the identifiers that you are using to match - the ones that add the value and make this partnership truly worth doing?

At Truthset, we’re obsessed with making data accuracy an easy and efficient way to evaluate the buying and measurement of audience segments. And now buyers have an even easier opportunity to match to verified data, thanks to our partnership with Karlsgate. As the 2020 and 2021 winners of the I-COM Data Start-Up Challenge, respectively, Karlsgate and Truthset are known for their innovative approaches to improving the use of data.

Marketplaces run best when they are powered by accuracy and transparency, so we are excited to announce that the Karlsgate Identity Exchange will now feature Truthscores™ across verified data providers. Together we’ll ensure that data buyers can understand the accuracy of the data they are buying while working in a privacy-safe, neutral environment. Data accuracy differentiates Karlsgate’s offering; this foundational opportunity to focus on accurate data is unique to our partnership in Karlsgate Identity Exchange, powered by Cryptoidentity. Accuracy shouldn’t come at the expense of ensuring your data never has to leave your own environment. Karlsgate and their Identity Exchange (KIE) provide privacy-enhanced connectivity software, so that data partners can join their datasets at the row-level without ever revealing identifying information. KIE is a great way to deliver your data for verification, data enrichment, or onboarding use cases, especially for those clients who are sensitive about sending PII. Karlsgate continues to gain traction with companies in the regulated healthcare and financial services industries as they all need a compliant mechanism to gather data signals.

“This is Phase 1 of our partnership with Karlsgate, highlighting those data providers who have made data accuracy commitments by having their consumer data attributes scored (at record level) by Truthset,” explains Scott McKinley, CEO of Truthset. “Next, we will continue to elevate accuracy in data matching and buying by including Truthscores™ as an additional filtering mechanism. We are excited to allow more buyers to use accuracy as a lever for improving the quality of their data-driven decisions.”

“As a company based on the efficient and privacy safe transfer of data, we know the foundation of an effective data ecosystem is built on using data that is accurate to drive business outcomes. Thanks to Truthset, our partners are now able to independently verify the accuracy of data and use that to make better decisions, something they could never do before. We are excited to see the benefits our clients gain from more accurate data,” said Brian Mullen, CEO.

About Karlsgate:

Karlsgate is an innovative secure data collaboration company. Through the Karlsgate Identity Exchange and patent-pending Cryptoidentity, we empower data owners, brands, publishers, agencies, and technology companies to share consumer insights freely without exposing consumer identities. Karlsgate was recognized by I-COM Global as Data Startup for the Year for 2020. For more information, visit

About Truthset:

Truthset is a data intelligence company focused exclusively on validating the accuracy of consumer data. Truthset can help advertisers to select and improve segments from 3rd party providers for most demographic attributes, as well as measuring campaigns after the fact, not just age and gender.

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