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  • McKenna Sweazey

Inside the Data Providers Studio with Webbula

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Cue the elegant, classical music, it’s time for Inside the Data Providers Studio. This is the first in a continuing series where we peek into the minds of talented leaders at data companies, a la Inside the Actors Studio. We are delighted to welcome our first guest, Melissa McGaughey, Director of Marketing at Webbula. See her word associations, hot takes, and serious thoughts below.

Word Associations

Cookie depreciation

New Recipes of the same cookie

Consumer privacy About Time!

B2B Remember B2B2C?

Data Accuracy Webbula


Right audience, right message

Floc(k) “Do No Evil” out the window

Audience measurement “Still a thing”


Clean Rooms

Walled gardens growing

Quick Fire

Industry book or podcast recommendation Made To Stick

Favorite Twitter account in the industry

@Digiday and @adexchanger

We’re past the halfway mark of 2021. What will 2022 be “The Year of”? Metamorphosis

If you were not in this work, what would you like to attempt?

Teaching! One of the greatest gifts in this world is to empower others to be successful and I couldn’t think of a more noble pursuit than fostering education and learning.

If Ad-Tech gods exist, what would you like them to change/make better for us all?

Many a sacrificial offering would be made at the altar of digital if we could get a set of unified federal privacy laws for the sake of standardizing process and compliance.

Serious Q&A

Give me a hot take on where the data industry should be headed in the next three years:

The industry should be heading up and to the right! Within three years, we should see advances in data technology, data privacy, and, equally as important, data quality. There will be better optics as to how measurement and attribution can work in a cookieless world. The here-to-stay publishers will have successfully pivoted to an authenticated traffic model laying the groundwork for other publishers to model and follow. A federal privacy law will be passed (but not yet enacted). Oh, and data scientists will be ferried around in flying cars.

What’s the attribute you get requests to target the most?

Company Size



Home Ownership / Renter

To learn more about how Truthset can help Data Providers understand the accuracy of their data, contact us today.

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