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  • McKenna Sweazey

Inside the Data Providers Studio with V12

Cue the elegant, classical music, it’s time for Inside the Data Providers Studio. This is a continuing series where we peek into the minds of talented leaders at data companies, a la Inside the Actors Studio. We are delighted to welcome our latest guest, Michelle Taves

Chief Product Officer / EVP of Operations of V12. See her word associations, hot takes, and serious thoughts below.

Word Associations

Cookie depreciation


Consumer Privacy

Growing and challenging

Data Accuracy




Audience Measurement



Unimportant ☺

Clean Rooms


Quick Fire

Industry Book or Podcast Recommendation

Win: The Key Principles to Take Your Business from Ordinary to Extraordinary by Frank I. Luntz

What word in Ad-Tech makes you happy?


What word in Ad-Tech makes you cringe/should be a curse word?

Cost per Action

We’re past the halfway mark of 2021. What will 2022 be “The Year of ?”

Intent prediction

If you were not in this line of work, what would you like to attempt?


If Ad-Tech gods exist, what would you like them to change/make better for us all? Measurement across all channels

Serious Q&A

Give me a “hot take” on where the data industry should be headed in the next three years… Go!

Intent – Intent – Intent: What are consumers interested in now and what are they going to be interested in 3 months – 6 months – 1 year; looking at their demographics, online and mobile behavior you can predict shopping intent in the future

Why should data accuracy matter to anyone using data in any industry?

You want to target the correct audience with the correct message to receive sales conversion for the brands. It is as simple as ROI.

Why is it so tough to get data right?

Consumers value their privacy

What’s the attribute you get requests to target the most?

Age, wealth and Intent

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to break into the data driven marketing/advertising ecosystem?

Start learning about audience targeting and channel execution

Why did you choose to work with Truthset?

Unbiased approach to accuracy with an analytic approach

To learn more about how Truthset can help Data Providers understand the accuracy of their data, contact us today.

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