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Inside the Data Providers Studio with LBDigital

Cue the elegant, classical music, it’s time for Inside the Data Providers Studio. This is the first in a continuing series where we peek into the minds of talented leaders at data companies, a la Inside the Actors Studio. We are delighted to welcome our second guests, Amy and MJ of LBDigital. See their word associations, hot takes, and serious thoughts below.

Word Associations

Cookie depreciation

cookie monster

Consumer privacy untargeted ads

Data Accuracy target



Floc(k) privacy

Audience measurement statistics

CTV streaming

Clean Rooms

white walls

Quick Fire

Industry book or podcast recommendation Tepper Isn’t Going Out

Favorite Twitter account in the industry

The Classification Guru

Favorite Twitter Account Outside of Industry

Negotiations Ninja

What word in Ad-Tech makes you happy?

self-serve platforms

If you were not in this work, what would you like to attempt?


If Ad-Tech gods exist, what would you like them to change/make better for us all?

Make everyone on the same page

What word in Ad-Tech makes you cringe/should be a curse word?

Walled gardens

Serious Q&A

Why should data accuracy matter to anyone using data in any industry?

Because using accurate data will hugely boost their ROI.

Why is it so tough to get data right?

Data comes from everywhere in every size, shape, color. People lie.

What’s the attribute you get requests to target the most?

Demographics…. Gooooooooo Truthset!

To learn more about how Truthset can help Data Providers understand the accuracy of their data, contact us today.

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