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Inside the Data Providers Studio with Fluent

Cue the elegant, classical music, it’s time for Inside the Data Providers Studio. This is a continuing series where we peek into the minds of talented leaders at data companies, a la Inside the Actors Studio. We are delighted to welcome our latest guest, Morgan Rigsbee, VP, Product and Strategy at Fluent. See her word associations, hot takes, and serious thoughts below.

Word Associations

Cookie depreciation

can’t wait!


always outdated



Consumer Privacy

educate and advocate

Data Accuracy




Audience Measurement




Clean Rooms


Quick Fire

Industry Book or Podcast Recommendation

Not industry specific, but just started reading “Becoming Trade Joe”, about Joe Coulombe. It a very cool story about innovation and disruption of a legacy business model.

Favorite Twitter Account In Industry


Favorite Twitter Account Outside of Industry


What word in Ad-Tech makes you happy?


What word in Ad-Tech makes you cringe/should be a curse word?


We’re past the halfway mark of 2021. What will 2022 be “The Year of ?”

It will be the 3rd or 4th year of CTV

If you were not in this line of work, what would you like to attempt?

Sports agent

If Ad-Tech gods exist, what would you like them to change/make better for us all?

Reporting consolidation, accuracy, and timeliness!

Serious Q&A

Give me a “hot take” on where the data industry should be headed in the next three years… Go!

It should become more sophisticated, more transparent, and more privacy friendly. With the introduction of clean rooms, better data portability, and consent management, advertisers should be able to better leverage their own 1PD and work with specialized partners to enrich audiences, and activate in sync across multiple channels. For the consumer, this means a more cohesive and engaging experience.

Why should data accuracy matter to anyone using data in any industry?

I once met with alcohol brand owner who argued that they wanted to target everyone, because they were basically “selling water”. I’d argue that for most brands, data accuracy is critical to ad reception, brand sentiment, and overall campaign performance. But for brands that have legal requirements in place around targeting, like only reaching consumers verified to be 21+, there’s even more at stake.

Why is it so tough to get data right?

No one partner has absolutely everything you could ever want. There is always this effort to blend what you know about someone overall, like if they’re a parent, and what you want to know about their feelings and intentions, like if they’re in-market for a new car lease. When you have to start mixing sources, and applying modeling, while managing scale and cost, it gets very complicated very quickly.

What’s the attribute you get requests to target the most?

We specialize in declared health attributes, so many of our requests are around heart health, pain management, or particular symptoms.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to break into the data driven marketing/advertising ecosystem?

Dig deep to understand the data you’re dealing with (as a buyer or seller). From 10,000 feet most providers look 90% the same.

Why did you choose to work with Truthset?

We think Truthset has a very compelling methodology to data validation that takes into account a lot of factors others don’t.

To learn more about how Truthset can help Data Providers understand the accuracy of their data, contact us today.

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