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Find 180byTwo's "Truthset Scored" Segments in LiveRamp's Marketplace

Finding accurate audiences is even easier now with Truthset’s partnership with 180byTwo audiences (powered by MeritB2B)

A New Easy and Accurate Solution

180byTwo (powered by MeritB2B) and Truthset, have always focused on helping advertisers easily and effectively use accurate data to reach their desired audiences and improve the performance of their campaigns. And now, we’ve made it even easier to activate segments that you can be sure meet your audience accuracy needs. Introducing “Truthset Scored” 180byTwo audiences, available today in LiveRamp Data Marketplace and other major programmatic marketplaces.

Truthset and 180byTwo are excited to announce this new, first-to-market opportunity to accurately purchase consumer demographic data, at scale. In a unique partnership between MeritB2B and, we have teamed up to create curated segments, selected for their accuracy. These audiences balance scale and price while only including records that have high Truthscores™, according to Truthset’s proprietary verification method.

Accuracy Makes Data Better

Truthset, the first company to measure the accuracy of record-level consumer data, scores datasets across critical demographic attributes and their quarterly assessments are independent, agnostic and transparent. Truthset helps companies build trust in data and improve the performance of any data-driven decision. Truthset compiles a likelihood of truth for any individual record, called a Truthscore™. This scoring can be used by marketers to analyze and improve targeting data, and measure their campaigns, before, during and after activation. These “Truthset Scored” segments make it possible to improve accuracy without extra time investment.

For marketers targeting anywhere, especially CTV, these new, scored data segments provide the same confidence as linear audiences in a programmatic package, delivering a highly refined precision audience to reach the right audience at scale. This new dataset allows you to find even very specific audiences on CTV, where accuracy really matters, as every impression comes with a high price tag. And for agencies that are often dealing with guarantees that require hitting certain audience targets, this new level of accuracy really makes the difference.

These segments, labeled with “Truthset Scored” in major programmatic marketplaces, include age, gender, household income, race, ethnicity, pet ownership, dog ownership, cat ownership, education level, homeownership, and marital status.

A New Level of Performance

With this new partnership, data users get access to consumer audiences from 180byTwo (powered by MeritB2B) evaluated by Truthset via their enormous data accuracy asset of 850M+ consumer IDs, attributes, and the accuracy scores of each pair (Truthscores ™), which includes data from more than 20 different partners. Truthset’s methodology uses large scale data providers and declared validation sets to analyze and compare demographic assertions about individuals to score accuracy at the attribute value and record level.

“While we know every marketer wants to use accurate data, it wasn’t always easy to make that happen. This new opportunity with 180byTwo is the ideal evolution of both our offerings, making it simple for data buyers to make educated decisions about accuracy when purchasing segments in marketplaces,” said Scott McKinley, Truthset’s CEO. “We applaud 180byTwo’s innovation in offering these segments in Liveramp and other marketplaces and look forward to more advertisers and data providers being able to use accuracy as a lever to increase the success of campaigns, for both audience penetration and performance.”

“Advertisers and data providers will experience the difference in performance when they choose a solution like this one that prioritizes accuracy and quality,” said Todd Love, Chief Commercial Officer at MeritB2B. “We’re excited to work with Truthset to deliver high-confidence data segments in the major programmatic marketplaces, combining the best of what both companies have to offer.”

To learn more about how you can gain a 360 degree view of your target audience's interests and needs with comprehensive, quality data, visit

To learn more about Truthset, a data intelligence company focused on verifying the accuracy of record-level consumer data and measuring campaign performance beyond age and gender, please contact us.

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