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Alliant Blog: Measuring Data Quality and Working with Truthset

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Originally posted on February 2, 2021, by Chris Hemick, Director Product Marketing and Content at Alliant

In late 2020 Alliant participated in the Q4 2020 Data Quality Truthscore release with Truthset, a data intelligence company focused exclusively on validating the accuracy of consumer data. With data buyers rightfully calling for more transparent and quality data, our team actively seeks opportunities to validate our solutions in a way that provides brands and agencies confidence in their investment.

Alliant was among the first to be certified in the IAB Tech Lab’s Data Transparency initiative in mid-2020, which provides buyers insight on how a provider builds and delivers their solutions. Truthset takes the appropriate next step, assessing the quality of the data. They do not sell data and are not a data broker, rather they compile the likelihood of truth for any individual record that can be used to validate the accuracy of data and power more accurate consumer interactions.

“The decision to partner with Truthset was an easy one”, said Donna Hamilton, Alliant’s SVP of Data Acquisition and Activation. “Buyers don’t have the luxury of seeing what goes on behind the scenes at their data partners day to day. We work diligently every day to produce the most accurate audiences for digital campaigns. Truthset allows us to validate the extensive steps we take and provides our clients with confidence about the quality of our data solutions.” “Data sellers that work with Truthset can use our independent Truthscores to showcase their strengths to win new business, and also can strategically diagnose areas for improvement.”, said Scott McKinley, CEO of Truthset. “Brands and agencies that work with companies like Alliant can have peace of mind that they are working with a provider that is constantly building on their strengths in data quality"


  • Alliant’s data was compared with 10 other leading data companies for Truthset’s Q4 2020 Data Quality Truthscore release. In this initial round we focused on core demographic data (age + gender) and have provided some highlights below. The Truthscore™ Index is a measure of a provider’s overall data quality within a given attribute segment, relative to the entire cohort of data providers for the same segment. Highlights: ▪ Alliant scores highly compared to other data providers for asserting age, receiving a Truthscore Index of 114,meaning Alliant’s data is 14% better than average ▪ Alliant shows strong accuracy in identifying age + gender, receiving a Truthscore Index of 113 ▪ A particular strength was shown in M45-54 where Alliant’s Truthscore Index is 121 ▪ Alliant scores the highest among all providers in determining Mothers, receiving a Truthscore Index of 109

Where do we go from here?

Truthset’s Q4 2020 Data Quality Truthscore release was another step on our journey to building the best and strongest solutions for our clients and partners. We’ve already begun to implement changes through the learnings we’ve gathered through this initial scoring process. Some examples include modifying email linking within our identity graph, refining segmentation criteria, and engaging our own data partners on how we can jointly improve our solutions. We are committed to ongoing evaluation of our audiences and will be participating in Truthset’s next quarterly scoring for Q1 2021. In the Q1 release Alliant also plans on including expanded data sets to participate in the ANA AIMM Multicultural Data Quality Benchmark study, which is conducted by Truthset in partnership with Sequent Partners. This is an initiative that aligns with our goal of driving awareness for inclusiveness in audience targeting. Have questions about Alliant Audiences or Truthset? Just drop us a line and we’d be happy to schedule time to schedule time. To learn more about Truthset, visit

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