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Truthset makes targeting work

Truthset has scored the world’s data, so you can put the highest scoring data to work and stop sending ads to the wrong people. Marketers use Truthset to analyze audience data, suppress unqualified segments and IDs from a buy, and measure the actual on-target-percentage for a variety of demos, 

Benefits for Marketers and Agencies

Use unprecedented, granular audience measurement to optimize campaign delivery and maximize the reach of every $ spent.



Gain full transparency into the accuracy of any audience targeting segment 

Improve the accuracy of your audience targeting before the first $ is spent.

Download the one-sheet and full overview to learn more.

Standard Quality Control Certification A

On-Target-Percentage (OTP)

Use daily reports to see how well your investment is reaching your target audience over time.

Truthset reports ID-level accuracy for the following demographics:

- Age

- Gender


- Presence of children

- Ethnicity


  1. Analyze any audience segment in DSPs and marketplaces to find out who has the best data 

  2. Improve your campaign by suppressing sites, sources, and IDs that deliver low on-target-percentage

  3. Measure daily on-target-percentage for a wide range of demographics

“Data quality is very important to Hershey. We value the Truthset approach to transparency, accountability and quality when selecting our addressable media investments and measuring their performance.”

- Amy Good, Director, Integrated Media, Hershey


Analyze and Improve Segments

  1. Choose a third party audience segment that meets your targeting criteria

  2. Talk to Truthset, we have multiple means by which to receive audience segments and relationships with many data providers

  3. We load the audience segment into our Analyze dashboard and provide you access to evaluate it for accuracy. We can even Improve the segment by removing data below your threshold for quality.


Measure a Campaign

  1. Identify a current or recent campaign with a preferred demographic target.

  2. Grant Truthset permission to your log files from your DSP. We have relationships with several of the largest.

  3. Truthset makes our Measurement dashboard available to see your daily campaign results at the most granular level(s) available.


It's easy to get started using data quality to improve campaign performance, and make sure you get what you paid for when using audience segments. Contact us to schedule a demo. 





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