Data is the fuel that powers your data-driven marketing.

But how good is your fuel source?

Data error is introduced at virtually every step of the advertising ecosystem.


  • Do you use 3rd party data to build and find your audiences?

  • Do you target on key demographics?

  • Do you use onboarded data, lookalike modeling, or cross device graphs?

Every time the data is wrong, your data-driven dollars have to work harder.

Data works...

but only when it's accurate. 

When your fuel source is contaminated, the engine doesn't run well.  

  • Wasted money

  • Brand damage

  • Poor consumer experience

Bad data hurts every aspect of marketing and undermines performance.


We can do better than this. 

It's time to pay attention

to data quality. ​

2019 Forrester and Infogroup

Introducing Truthscores

Truth{set} has established the world’s first independent standard to measure the quality of consumer data. Utilizing a federated wisdom of multiple diverse data partners, proprietary Truthscores™ are assigned to consumer data at the ID record level, whether it be 1st, 2nd or 3rd party, to showcase where quality is high and where it may need improvement.


Today we offer over 5 billion truthscores™ denoting the accuracy of attribute to ID mapping. Marketers can use these scores to avoid wasting money on unqualified consumers and make smarter data-driven decisions.


Qualified ID Filtration

Eliminate waste from your next targeted advertising or email campaign by ensuring you only target those IDs whose attributes most likely reflect your desired target, based on our set of over 5 billion Truthscores™ for commonly used demographic targets. 


Truth{set} can analyze and suppress unqualified IDs in a HEM or IDL-based targeting pool which likely do not match your intended target attribute. The result is higher On Target Performance, better efficiency through less waste, and more effective advertising by ensuring you reach a relevant audience.

Audience Segment Evaluation

You may have targetable segments of audiences constructed today inside a CDP, DMP, CRM or other platform. These may be based on 1st, 2nd and/or 3rd party data and either have been or will be used to power addressable advertising or email campaigns. If you would like to evaluate these segments for accuracy of the demographics they contain and understand how Truthscores™ help identify accuracy from waste, before actively filtering IDs,


Truth{set} can analyze the IDs within your segments and deliver a detailed report of the accuracy of each segment.

Data Provider Evaluation

Marketers seek the best data sources to support their goals. There are two big challenges when evaluating new data providers.

  1. A lack of information or any standards for quality of providers’ data, so instead many decisions are based on price and scale alone.

  2. It can be time consuming and resource intense to evaluate multiple providers with respect to measures like quality and completeness.

Truth{set} offers a turnkey solution for data provider evaluation for marketers. Let us know the providers to be included and the parameters important to your decision making process and we will deliver a detailed report evaluating each participating provider. Quality, scale, fill rate, completeness and other metrics are evaluated via our standardized Truth{set} processes. Let us help you ensure you make the best data partner decisions to support your business goals.




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