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Become a Data Partner!

Get a Truthscore Badge to prove to buyers that your data has been independently validated and scored for accuracy. 

Truthscores Measure Data Accuracy

Truthset is the first company to measure the accuracy of record level consumer data. Our proprietary Truthscores™ assess the likelihood of a record being accurate, and can be applied to large data sets to help buyers, sellers, and marketplaces understand accuracy to price and use data  for better results. 

Establish your company as a leading source of high quality consumer data.

Market Your Data Quality

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Create differentiated, Truthset Scored, segments allowing you to offer tiered audiences.

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Unlock New Revenue Streams

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Win More Sales Pitches

Optimize your sales pitches by bringing independent, third party verified, comparative data quality validation to your next client meeting.

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Stand Out in a Crowded Field

Be recognized by buyers via promoting your Truthscore™ Indices and validation by Truthset in busy marketplaces and buying platforms.

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Move Beyond Scale and Price

Encourage data buyers to look beyond scale and price when making important consumer data decisions.

Benefits for Data Providers


Become a Data Partner!

Score your data and get a Truthset Badge to prove to buyers that your data has been independently validated and scored for accuracy. 

Data Provider Badges

When a supplier has the Truthset Certification badge, it means that they have been carefully vetted and scored for data accuracy by Truthset. It also means that they are devoted to data quality and improvement to give you peace of mind and confidence that you are getting what you pay for when you make important and expensive data buying decisions.

Standard Quality Control Certification A

“We’re excited that there is a partner in our industry committed to providing a way to validate the accuracy of consumer marketing data.


Incorporating this feedback from Truthset and receiving Truthscores in an ongoing way will allow us to continually provide better targeting, better results, and a better data ecosystem for our clients marketing strategies.”

- Lindsey Kaiser, Chief Product Officer at Speedeon