Consumer data powers marketing

But marketers are increasingly concerned about data quality 

When purchasing audience data, the top four factors that marketers use to evaluate which segment to buy include:

Accuracy Matters...
...and Marketers will Pay For It

of marketers said when purchasing demographic data, accuracy was very important. Respondents selected accuracy as most important over brand/provider, price, and scale.

of marketers said they if they had greater confidence in accuracy of demographic data they would be more likely to use more of it 

of marketers would be willing to spend 5% or more than what they’re currently spending on data buys for data buys using higher data quality

of marketers would be willing to spend 10% or more than what they’re currently spending on data buys for data buys using higher data quality 

Introducing Truthscores

Truth{set} has established the world’s first independent standard to measure the quality of consumer data. Utilizing a federated wisdom of multiple diverse data partners, proprietary Truthscores™ are assigned to consumer data at the ID record level, whether it be 1st, 2nd or 3rd party, to showcase where quality is high and where it may need improvement.

Today we offer TruthScore™ Indices denoting the comparative measures of accuracy of attribute-to-ID. Data Providers can use these scores to showcase where they have strength in their data quality. They can also use Truth{set}’s Data Evaluation Service to speed up response to RFPs, and share a report card from an independent that hits upon a standard set of metrics to cover scale, completeness, and quality.


Standard Attribute Truthscore Indices

You have the attribute segments considered to be “table stakes” to the industry, but what they don’t know is how well you have constructed these audiences for their usage, via painstaking collection, data hygiene, testing performance, etc.  It doesn’t have to be a race to the bottom on scale and price.


With Truthscore™ Indices assigned to these audiences, they will cut through the clutter, calling your work on data quality to the forefront and giving you the credit you deserve.

Custom Attribute Truthscore Indices

You know you have custom segments that are very high quality. How can you prove to buyers that they are as good as you say they are?


Truth{set} will measure the accuracy of your custom attribute segments and assign a Truthscore index to help you win the business and earn higher price. 




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